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Clinical Placement Services

What are nursing clinicals?

Working under the supervision of a licensed registered nurse preceptor during your clinical rotations, you’ll practice what you learned in the online classroom. Clinicals are very similar to an internship or being an apprentice; you provide care for real patients while benefiting from the supervision and guidance of your preceptor. Additionally, SJC faculty will direct and evaluate the clinical experience, providing support to you and your preceptor.

How does the clinical placement process work?

Our clinical placement team works closely with you to ensure your rotations meet SJC’s and national guidelines. You’ll work with a dedicated SJC Placement Coordinator who will walk you through the process and be your primary point of contact for placement logistics. Based on the requirements of the program and where you live, your Placement Coordinator will help you source an appropriate site and preceptor.

How should I prepare for nursing clinicals?

Throughout the program and through to graduation, you will be in close communication with your Placement Coordinator, who will prepare you for clinicals by ensuring you complete all clerical and health requirements, answering your questions, verifying your clearance requirements, and walking you through the nursing clinicals checklist.

What can I expect during nursing clinicals?

All clinical experiences are unique because students work in various healthcare environments. During clinical rotations, you will be under the close supervision of your preceptor and the indirect supervision of SJC clinical faculty. You will be given specific instructions to follow while keeping clinical practice guidelines in mind.

When will I receive my clinical placement details?

You will receive a notification from your Placement Coordinator prior to each clinical start date. Once the placement has been confirmed and communicated, you are encouraged to begin working directly with your preceptor to establish a schedule.

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