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Genevive Norton, Hybrid ABSN student

“I’m ready just to be able to have more scope of practice and more options. If I’m not quite happy with one type of nursing, I don’t have to be stuck… I can go and do a different specialty.”

Sandra Stephen, Hybrid ABSN student

“Be prepared to know that your life is going to change… it’s an intense program, but at the same time, someone’s life is in your hands. So, you have to understand, that’s why it’s intense… you have to be able to be disciplined.”

Chioma Okoye, Hybrid ABSN student

“Any organization the Sisters of Mercy have, there’s a difference, they progress. So, the moment I read about Saint Joesph’s College of Maine, I quit other schools that gave me admission… this is where I belong.”

Raul Castillo, Hybrid ABSN student

“What excites me the most about my nursing journey is the impact that I’m going to be able to have on people. Just being a Hispanic provider, that’s a lot. Growing up, I really didn’t see a lot of providers of my color, and I think that’s very impactful… seeing people that look like you is very important.”

Rebecca Fogg, SJC Hybrid ABSN student

“I think of nurses as super caring and being the face that patients see and base their experience on… You spend the most time with patients. They get to know you, they remember you… I wanted to be the happiness in people when they’re visiting a very scary place.”

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