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nurse graduate smiling on campus

“I did a fellowship last summer at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston that I loved. I worked for six weeks on a bone marrow transplant and leukemia floor, and then another six weeks on a medical oncology floor. I was able to get a ton of experience with chemo, transplants, and central lines on the bone marrow transplant and leukemia floor. I hope to be the nurse that all of my patients know they can come to with whatever it is they need. I don’t want to be anything other than that.”

St. Joseph's College of Maine ABSN nursing student

“Something I learned when starting nursing courses is that as a job, nursing is very situation-based. You can have all the knowledge you need, but you need to be able to critically think and apply that knowledge to every unique situation you find yourself in. It’s a tough skill to learn! But tutoring and discussing with professors really helps you build those skills.”

Nursing Student

“I currently work on a cardiovascular ICU. I love the ICU specialty because you learn so much, and that critical care experience is extremely valuable to me because I hope to go to grad school for my doctorate in nursing anesthesia and eventually become a CRNA.”

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