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Hybrid and Online Experience

Saint Joseph’s College of Maine (SJC) hybrid and online learners benefit from the same resources and support as our on-campus students. Whether you’re earning your degree on a desktop from home or on your mobile device on the go, you are part of the SJC community.

An education from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine is driven by our faculty’s belief that learning best occurs in a community built on mutual respect. As a hybrid ABSN student, you’ll receive close supervision, mentoring, and individual attention from a team of passionate and experienced educators who are trained in distance learning.

Student Support Services

To ensure your success in the program, we assign a dedicated Student Success Advisor to help you navigate your academic journey from your entry into the program through to graduation. We also pair you with a dedicated Clinical Placement Coordinator to assist you with the logistics of securing a clinical site and preceptor.


In the first and third semesters of the program, you will attend clinical immersions on the beautiful Maine campus in our newly built Center for Nursing Innovation. This hands-on clinical training in high- and low-fidelity simulations gives you the opportunity to hone your skills in a no-risk environment, interact with faculty, and connect with your peers.

nurse graduate smiling on campus

“I did a fellowship last summer at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston that I loved. I worked for six weeks on a bone marrow transplant and leukemia floor, and then another six weeks on a medical oncology floor. I was able to get a ton of experience with chemo, transplants, and central lines on the bone marrow transplant and leukemia floor. I hope to be the nurse that all of my patients know they can come to with whatever it is they need. I don’t want to be anything other than that.”

Shannon Bethel, '22 Nursing, BSN

St. Joseph's College of Maine ABSN nursing student

“Something I learned when starting nursing courses is that as a job, nursing is very situation-based. You can have all the knowledge you need, but you need to be able to critically think and apply that knowledge to every unique situation you find yourself in. It’s a tough skill to learn! But tutoring and discussing with professors really helps you build those skills.”

Dani Vermette, '22 Nursing, BSN

Nursing Student

“I currently work on a cardiovascular ICU. I love the ICU specialty because you learn so much, and that critical care experience is extremely valuable to me because I hope to go to grad school for my doctorate in nursing anesthesia and eventually become a CRNA.”

Haley Frohlich, '22 Nursing, BSN

Focused on Your Future?

A dedicated Enrollment Advisor can answer your questions and guide you through the application process. Begin by filling out a form and starting the conversation.

  • Admission Requirements
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  • Clinical Placement
  • Enrollment Support
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enrollment advisor for the distance ABSN program of Saint Joseph's College of Maine
Meghan Moore
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